Professionally designed Colour Palettes make it easy!


As we were awaiting the city permits, it was the perfect time to choose interior colours. We made things super easy for Annie! Choosing a colour palette meant that Annie could avoid the work – and time – involved in meeting with suppliers. The Kimberley Colour Palettes are pre-planned, professionally designed colour combinations of paint, tile, flooring and cabinets designed to make your house look amazing without the effort of working directly with a designer.



We grabbed some Starbucks and headed out to the Kimberley town homes, The Towns of Keswick to take a look at 4 colour palettes in real life. This offered us the opportunity to see each in action, and make a more informed choice.


While sipping our coffees, Annie and I toured the homes, and narrowed down the two colour palettes that she liked the best. Within an hour all the selections were completed! She ultimately picked the “Alpha” and “Gamma” colour palettes. (shown below)

Later, Annie met directly with our expert cabinet supplier to confirm the cabinet layouts. During this meeting she can ensure that she gets the right combination of shelves, drawers, spice racks, etc. with the confidence that the colours, door style, and handles were already chosen as part of the Colour Palette.


Prior to framing, Annie met with the electrician to confirm locations of light fixtures, switches and plugs. She was especially mindful of where the plugs would be installed in the office. This meeting allowed her to be sure. Once the house was framed she confirmed everything on site before the electrician got started. Kimberley’s electrician was able to guide Annie as a trusted advisor on best lighting locations and made this process easy.

Rough-ins are now complete. Annie’s Site manager Deen met her on site to review the framing and rough in progress. It is always very exciting to see the house go from “paper” to a structure. Once we were able to get inside the house, and get a feel for things we noticed the amazing down town skyline views she has…in both houses!


Follow along here for all the details on this exciting project in Prince Charles, Edmonton, and learn how Kimberley can make YOUR infill dream a reality!



Lauren Ruggiero, New Home Concierge

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