Meet a few of the people behind every Kimberley Homes plan



Blair and Braydee are two of the experts that work on all of our homes. Their background is in drafting, planning, and design.


We recently sat down with Blair & Braydee to get their perspective on these exciting Edmonton “skinny” homes.


Hello Team! Thanks for sitting down with us today to chat about these custom skinny homes in Price Charles, Edmonton. Our readers have already learned a bit about how this home came together, but we wanted to get your expert view!


KH: Were there any features that the clients were really excited about?

B&B: The client was excited about the exterior elevations. Each home looks so different, but go together very cohesively. This super important as they are sharing a lot that used to only have one home on it. We wanted to create something visually appealing that would not disrupt the mature neighborhood, and add a little vibrancy! Annie was also excited about having 3 bedrooms upstairs in her skinny homes. This is the narrowest home we have designed, so there were some challenges to ensure we could get everything the client wanted into the allowable footprint. The front bedroom even has a little seating area, study area, play area, or whatever application the room will be used for, which is a neat feature in such a compact home.


KH: What were some exciting challenges about this plan? How did you overcome them to the client’s benefit?

B&B: The main challenge we came across on this plan was getting the client’s wish list to fit within the narrow footprint while still making each room feel spacious and functional. The kitchen island does not have an eating bar, which allows for more space in the dining nook. The client got her “open and inviting” feeling, but it also allows for some separation and division between the spaces. Annie didn’t want to lose the functionality of an eating bar, so we added it to the living room side instead. We were able to accommodate her desire for more casual eating space without disrupting other areas of the home.


KH: You mentioned earlier that this lot originally had one home on it, but we’re building TWO homes in its place! Were there any special permitting considerations because of this?

B&B: For this home we had to subdivide the lot, which is a different process for getting permits because it adds an additional step. We have to submit the plans for approval to subdivide prior to beginning the typical permit process. This takes a little bit extra time compared to a new home, but it’s not unusual. As it was an older home, and required asbestos abatement, this also adds an extra layer – and time – to the permitting process. Asbestos abatement is an extensive process to ensure that all materials are removed and disposed of in the safest manner possible, as to not contaminate the job site, or cause harm to any of the people coming in contact with the job site. And we take care of all of this for our clients, so they can focus on making their selections and getting ready for their homeowner orientation.


KH: What is involved in subdividing the lot?

B&B: In order to subdivide the lot we first need apply to the province to get approval in order to change existing property lines. We then go through land titles in order to get new titles for each lot.


KH: Going from one home to two, did you also have to deal with any variances on this lot?

B&B: We needed a variance for reduced rear setback as well as rear deck projection.  A variance means we are asking for a relaxation on any article on the City’s land use bylaw. We need a reasonable justification as to why it is beneficial to both the home owner, and the community. We need to show that it will add value and not be detrimental to the overall look and design of the community.

KH: How did having an in-house drafting team specifically benefit this client?

B&B: There was a lot of back & forth between us and the client. You’d be surprised how many variables can come up on such a small home. In-house drafting allows us to have a fast turnaround time. We gave the client numerous options upfront so she could see features drawn a couple of different ways. Then she can choose to move forward on the one that best suits her needs rather than trying it one way, then another way, then potentially going back to the first then making tweaks again. It definitely adds efficiency to the process, and allows for a more hands on approach.


KH: Thanks so much for giving us a behind the scenes look at this home! Is there anything else you want to add about your perspective on the Client’s Experience when building with Kimberley Homes?

B&B: Subdividing a lot and getting new land titles can add a lot of time to the process, which in turn creates stress. I believe our team handled these hurdles effortlessly. Thanks to Blair’s expertise with the city and familiarity with these extended timelines, he was able to give Amanda frequent updates. Which allowed her in turn to help assure the client when they were going through times of doubt, or feeling as though things were taking too long, or didn’t feel like we were moving forward. It is a difficult process, but we all collectively worked together to assist one another. And ultimately help the client through the less exciting part of the build process.

Thanks Blair & Braydee for giving us some insight into the design process at Kimberley Homes!



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