With all the things going on in the background, demolition day can sometimes sneak up on you!



Most of our Edmonton infills happen on homes of a “certain age”, which means we need to take care of asbestos abatement before demolition can begin. This infill project in Prince Charles definitely fit that bill, so we prepared our client Annie for this process ahead of time.


There are very specific rules around asbestos abatement. We relied on our experts to help get this job done right. Once we had confirmed that the asbestos was properly abated, our demolition crew set the date.



On the day of demolition, there are two main considerations: safety and cleanup. We use demolition experts that we trust to perform the job quickly, cleanly, and safety. Once the demolition process begins, it continues until all pieces of the old structures can be removed efficiently. The removal of materials is included in the process, and we arrange for as many bins as needed.


Annie’s Site Superintendent Deen was on hand throughout. He installed the safety fencing around the site perimeter as soon as the old structures were removed. This ensures access to the site by Kimberley team members and trades only. And it ensures the neighbours remain safely away from the construction as it progresses.


Demolition is typically done within one day. Once the debris of the old structures is cleared away and the fencing is up, the site is ready for the survey company.


Some of our clients prefer to handle these steps on their own. But many of our clients – Annie included – let us take care of everything. There are many details to consider and people to schedule. Our Team works directly with the asbestos company and demolition crew. This saves our Clients time and gets their home started sooner.



Our Clients are often very excited to see the demolition happen! Sometimes there are emotions about the old home being torn down. But in this situation, Annie was happy to see it go. Demolition day means she is one step closer to realizing her investment goals.


As long as the clients remain at a safe distance from the site, they can usually get a pretty good view of what’s happening. There is nothing quite like the moment when the excavator pulls the first wall down!



Once the lot is staked, we can start construction. First steps are to excavate for the foundation, and pour the concrete footings. Our office and construction teams met with Annie around this time to discuss next steps and finalize any outstanding details. Once this official introduction happens, my fellow Kimberley Experts are primarily responsible for taking care of Annie and her homes. But Annie & I keep in touch throughout construction, as you’ll see in the next post!


-Amanda Aranas, Build Where You Want Specialist


Keep following along here for all the details on this exciting project in Prince Charles, Edmonton, and learn how Kimberley can make YOUR infill dream a reality!



Lauren Ruggiero, New Home Concierge

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