Investors love working with Kimberley Homes because we make it easy.


My client “Annie” purchased a property in Prince Charles a few years back with the plan to build an infill home (or homes) for resale.  She knew this location would be fantastic thanks to its easy access to amenities, shopping, the downtown core, and all that an established north side neighbourhood has to offer, and decided that summer 2018 was the time to make this vision happen!  “Annie” had been watching infill homes in Prince Charles go on the market and sell quickly, and she recognized that the area was starting to take off, but also noted that it was lacking higher end, executive finished homes, and came to Kimberley to help take advantage of that significant opportunity.

Artist rendering of two skinny home laid over Google Map of the site



We made it easy from the start! “Annie” reached out to our New Home Concierge (Lauren) after visiting our website, and booked an appointment with me for the same day! As a mobile Infill Specialist, I am able to meet my clients where and when best suits their schedule, so we decided to meet at one of our executive duplex showhomes to get a feel for the Kimberley experience in real life.  My client was immediately excited about the Beckham model in the Towns at Keswick and its potential as the perfect “skinny home”.  The details and finishing of the home are spectacular and all of our research indicated it would really stand out from other recent infills in Prince Charles.

Photo of main floor of a skinny home. Living room with coffee table and chairs in foreground, kitchen behind. Walls are light and decor is bright.



My client already had an idea of how much work goes into an infill project, but I set her mind at ease after I explained all the work that we would be taking off of her plate! This included the lot subdivision, which is an early and important consideration for skinnies built in a mature neighbourhood. And as this is an investor project it was important for my client to have expert advice and assistance with the interior selections.



I have seen the inside of a lot of coffee shops in this role, but it’s important to me that I meet you where you are most comfortable at the time and place that is most convenient to your schedule. Whether that be an existing Kimberley showhome, coffee shop, or at your property!

Stay tuned for the next steps in this exciting project in Prince Charles!

-Amanda Aranas, Build Where You Want Specialist


If you already own a lot or property, or are looking for a new home in a specific mature neighbourhood, get in touch with us and Amanda can help you explore all of your options! She loves helping her clients build their dream home, and would love to start working with you!